Devlog2 Jose Otero 04/08/2018

This weekend the team met up and accomplished the following:

  1. Victor and Jose reworked the textures to size and scale.
  2. Victor added the textures to the walls , floors and other objects.
  3. Jose O. gave a brief lecture on lighting and a collective decision was made to light the exits and various object.
  4. Jose O. gave a brief lecture on the level manager script and will rework to follow the scene index.
  5. Jose C. created the title image and was added to unity as well as the page.
  6. Jose C.  Has been doing an amazing job with the textures and models. He is currently reworking the assets axis origin.
  7. Victor arranged levels one, two, and three to match the Map designs.

Pending items:

  1. Music which will be done by Victor.
  2. Sound script which will be done by Jose O.
  3. Losing condition which will be done by Jose O.
  4. Trap Models that will be done by Jose C.
  5. The team will review the GDD and make first submission this Tuesday 04/10/2018.

Overall weekend outcomes:

So far, we have exceeded our expectations and are steadily moving forward. 

The movements are working as they should. Scene manager is working as well.  As a team we are working like a well oiled machine and although we just started, the chemistry amongst us is going well. I believe that we will make great improvements as we move along.  Small yet brief disagreements have been held but in respectable fashion. 


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