DevLog1: Jose Otero's Develog

The initial meeting was done in class. Victor, Provided the Initial map drawings along with Narrative for the game. Jose C. began to create the drawings. 

Jose C and I decided to meet over the weekend to gather our ideas. He presented various 2D sprites. We then decided that it would be best for the game to be built in 3D using a top down setup. Currently the following has been done. 

  1. Level Manager built. with scene changes tested.
  2. 4 level prototypes designed. 
  3.  Collision to test exits, completed. 
  4. Menu U.I. initiated with button navigation to credits, quit function, and Level start working.
  5. Light configuration for pig (player) done.

A video was sent to the team for approval which is still pending. 

So far it has been going smoothly, I received new textures and requested that Jose C. Provide a new Voxel Pig model with animation.

We are scheduled to meet this weekend Saturday to finalize the prototype and test functionality. 

Pending items:

  1.  Configuration of 2nd, 3rd and 4th, levels.
  2. Texturing levels.
  3. UI for player showing lives.
  4. Traps.



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Don't forget the playtesting report aspect!